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  • Traveling With Syrian Refugees in Greece
    March 13, 2013 by marine_olivesi in PRI's The World

    Aired on March 11, 2013 — PRI’s The World


    More than a million refugees have fled the civil war in Syria, and the UNHCR warns that figure could triple by the year’s end if the conflict continues.


    Nine out of ten Syrian refugees have found shelter in neighboring countries –Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. But some are pushing the road in exile a little further: Over 33,000 Syrians have sought shelter in Europe since the conflict began.


    Syrians are now the second largest group of refugees to enter the European Union (right after Afghans). Most arrive in a country going through its own turmoil: Greece.


  • A Migrants’ Gateway Turns Into a Trap
    April 4, 2012 by marine_olivesi in

    Aired on Nov 11, 2010 — Deutsche Welle’s Inside Europe


    Ninety percent of incoming irregular migrants have entered the European Union through Greece this year according to FRONTEX, the European border agency.

    They mostly come from “refugee-producing countries” such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran. Yet their chance to be granted asylum in Greece is close to none: the recognition rate dropped as low as 0,04% in 2009… And they can’t legally try their luck elsewhere in Europe either.


  • Racial Tensions Escalate in Athens Ahead of Elections
    April 4, 2012 by marine_olivesi in RADIO ONE

    Aired on Nov 6, 2010 — CBC’s The World this Weekend


    The UN Refugee Agency declared last month that Greece is now facing a “humanitarian crisis” due to an overflow of migrants, a broken domestic asylum system and a spike in racist violence.

    In Athens, an extreme right group called Golden Dawn has taken on the mission to “reclaim” a working-class neighborhood, home to many migrants in the capital.